Francis Hills (photo by Richard Jopson)
Francis has worked closely with Apple, HP (printers), Hasselblad  (cameras & digital -backs, Sandisk & CaptureOne software and has toured the world giving talks and demonstrations as a 'digital evangelist'. 
Francis celebrated the first five years of his work with an exhibition titled 'The Accidental Photographer' in 2007 @ Calumet's NY flagship gallery. 
Francis' work has appeared in and on the cover of numerous magazines worldwide including Elle, Emmy, Entertainment Weekly, Time, GQ, Esquire, Oprah, Hamptons, Gotham, Vegas, Ocean Drive, Zink, The Radio Times, The FT, Red Book and Parade. 
Francis has regularly appeared as either guest or resident photographer on Scandinavia's, Sweden's, Norway's and Denmark's Next Top Model TV shows. He's was also a guest photographer on TLC's Covershot. 
Francis' first book features the photographs he took in Africa and France of the French Foreign Legion. 
Francis collaborates regularly with actor Alan Cumming - they celebrated their work together at an exhibition in New York entitled 'Alan & Me'. He photographed Alan for the cover of his memoir, 'Not My Father's Son'. Alan and Francis produced a show for entitled 'Remember That Time' featuring Alan interviewing Emma Stone, Helen Mirren, Darren Criss, Julia Stone, Edie Falco, Sam Rockwell, Rosie Perez, Jason Biggs. Kristen Chenoweth and Ruth Wilson. 
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